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STARTM 100 Degreaser Powder Form

STAR 100 is a sulphur-free degreaser for removing mid rust, dirt, buffing compounds, oil, grease, soil etc. STAR 100 can be used in hygienic industries as it is sulphur-free.

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STARTM GelTM Pickling Paste Pickling Gel

STAR GELTM is the only product if you are looking for Weld Cleaner Pickling Gel, weld Remover Pickling Paste, Stainless steel pickling paste. Our products are available world wide...

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STARTM Pickling Spray

STAR Spray - SS Pickling Spray Gel Form. Used for SS Tank, Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Pipeslines etc. Tested and Approved by IIT Mumbai Under ASTM A380 Standards.

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STARTM Pickling Dip Liquid

STARTM Dip comes in liquid form and is used in cleaning complicated and non-reachable areas of SS components and internal recessed areas of machinery.

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STARTM Stainless Steel Passivation Liquid

STAR Passivation must be used after the application of STARTM Gel, STAR Spray or STAR Dip as it is necessary to passivate SS surface after pickling. Two types of passivation products.

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STAR Neutralizer

As this product is environment friendly, the water solution of spent Star chemicals can be discarded in municipal sewage system. Safe to use without any caution measures.

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Star Nozzle Gel

STAR Nozzle Gel is Manufactured using supreme quality of materials and used for MIG Torch Gun Nozzle. With regular use, it extends the life of nozzle and contacts tips.

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STARTM 400 Series

The comprehensive collection of Star 400 Series is available at highly cost effective prices. It is a chemical that acts as a rust remover as well as enables...

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Anti Spatter Liquid Spatter Nixe

SPATTER NIXE is an innovative Product that has transformed the welding methods. This innovative product is silicone free ,non-flammable, non-toxic.

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Spatter Remover 511

Spatter Remover 511 is an innovative product that has transformed the welding methods. This innovative product is silicone free, non-flammable, non-toxic.

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Rust Converter 177

Rust Converter 177 is an innovative product based on the latest technology in rust converters. The distinctive formula of this product accounts for its dual functionality.

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E-Polish 250

E-Polish 250 is essentially the reverse electrolysis process by which a metal is removed from a work piece by passing appropriate electric current while the work is dipped...

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Krystal Surface Solution specializes in superior quality pickling and passivation, Pickling Gel, Pickling Paste, Stainless Steel Weld Clearner, Stainless Steel Pickling Gel, and Stainless Steel Pickling Paste, Pickling Passivation Gel, SS Pickling Paste, electro polishing, metal pickling, and silicon free innovative welding product. We render complete metal treatment solutions, supply chemicals and equipments for safe in-house pickling and passivation for all kinds of job capacities.

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